Alcoholism, and substance is not just giving up the drink or drug or behavior it is only the beginning. Rehabilitation, treatment looks and comes in many forms. Our team understands clinically that putting down the alcohol and substance or trying to stop is the first step of many.

The alcoholic, and substance user over his or her life of drinking, has created a life around drinking and drug use to access to maladaptive coping mechanisms.

Drinking and substance use has become a dependent behavioral addiction This behavior has become a part of him or her and is not easily changed. The alcohol dependent has is a behavioral addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

The alcoholic and substance user develops a PSYCHOLOGICAL addiction to drink and use drugs to cope with problems and negative emotions. This behavior has been reinforced overtime. Alcohol has become the persons coping mechanism. Over the years the person has lost positive coping mechanism and problems solving skills to relieve stress.

The physical dependency comes as time goes by, the alcoholic’s body becomes so used to having alcohol, that it comes to depend on it, the family and loved ones often do not understand this but the reality is the person has become physically addicted.

If he or she stops drinking, then alcohol withdrawal symptoms will surface because the addicted person does not have the coping mechanisms to process or sit with negative emotions and communicate their needs or ability to problem solve. Putting down the drink is just the start.

The behavioral, psychological and physical aspects of the addiction must be addressed. Our team understands that the disease of over the course of the years has taken its toll on the family and the family does not know where to turn. We as professionals are here to help the entire family and loved ones get well. We intervene as a team and assist the entire family to change behaviors, stop enabling and begin the process of healing for all.