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Taking the First Steps

Alcoholism, and substance is not just giving up the drink or drug or behavior it is only the beginning. Rehabilitation, treatment looks and comes in many forms. Our team understands clinically that putting down the alcohol and substance or trying to stop is the first...

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Mindfulness is “awareness” without judgment of what is through a direct and immediate experience.” You are being mindful when: You eat dessert and notice every flavor you are tasting, instead of eating the dessert while having a conversation and looking around the...

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I choose peace Money comes to me easily Love is everywhere I love and approve of myself—I trust the process of life. I am safe. It is safe to feel Feelings are normal and acceptable I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe. I only...

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My New Huffington Post Blog

My new Huffington Post blog I’m excited to announce I’m now blogging for the Huffington Post. I’ll still cross-post links here so you won’t miss anything. Please check out my recent article, “As Our Children Graduate From High School, We Need To Graduate As Well,”...

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