About the MHWC Group

Recovery for a lifetime.

Our Vision

To be the leading boutique organization offering comprehensive clinical and consulting continuum of care services in addiction and mental health.

Our Mission

To provide safe, thoughtful, personal and supportive confidential treatment to clients, families and organizations towards a life of recovery and joy in mind, body and soul built on lasting trust.


SERVICE: we are people of service, our clients always come first.

PASSION: we are clinicians who approach our work with passion to do whatever it takes to help vulnerable people gain respect and get well.

INTEGRITY: we are professionals with integrity who live and model the highest ethics and uphold the given right of dignity for all.

RIGOR: we are thorough in our approach and believe each and every client is unique and deserving of our rigorous clinical attention.

INNOVATION: we are professionals always seeking new approaches and models to customize treatment and case management on behalf of the people we work with.

TEAMWORK: we are first and foremost a team who believe in the merits of collaboration, consensus, creativity and commitment to achieve recovery